Nine Theses on Carnot


  1. Without the second law of thermodynamics there would be no Second Law Of Thermodynamics.
  2. But that doesn’t mean they’re the same thing, one is reducible to the other or even that one is explained by the other.
  3. Their material expression is likewise completely different, a few tenuous analogies notwithstanding.
  4. At the least, we might be wrong about the Second Law, but that matter couldn’t be wrong about the second law.
  5. That’s because of the fundamental qualitative difference between physical nature and its distant cousin (or descendant) intelligence.
  6. We can be right or wrong, whereas physical things just are.
  7. At the opposite pole from the physical world, intelligence presents the absolute mirror of physical order.
  8. Zero entropy (total predictability of physical order) comes about when structure is totally eliminated and everything has ceased to happen (i.e., at absolute zero).
  9. Perfect rationality achieves perfect order (total predictability of the rational order) only when structure is complete and intelligence is as dynamic as possible.

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