Industries for which oil is currently essential

I don’t recall where I got this from, but here is a partial listing of the industries that, in their present guise, depend fundamentally on oil:

Ammonia, anesthetics, antihistamines, artificial limbs, artificial turf,
antiseptics, aspirin, auto parts, awnings, balloons, ballpoint pens, bandages,
beach umbrellas, boats, cameras, candles, car battery cases, carpets, caulking,
combs, cortisones, cosmetics, crayons, credit cards, curtains, deodorants,
detergents, dice, disposable diapers, dolls, dyes, eye glasses, electrical
wiring insulation, faucet washers, fishing rods, fertilizer, fishing line,
fishing lures, food preservatives, food packaging, garden hose, glue, hair
coloring, hair curlers, hand lotion, hearing aids, heart valves, ink, insect
repellant, insecticides, linoleum, lip stick, milk jugs, nail polish, oil
filters, panty hose, perfume, petroleum jelly, plastics, rubber cement, rubbing
alcohol, shampoo, shaving cream, shoes, toothpaste, trash bags, upholstery,
vitamin capsules, water pipes, yarn.

Any more?

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