I’m a PC – and I think I’m going to be sick

A few months back I was confronted with what was indisputably the most sickening advert I have ever seen. It was from Nescafé (of Third World baby notoriety) and it simply said ‘It’s all about you’.


But I let it pass – hopefully an aberration of narcissism you have to expect from advertisers from time to time.

But then just the other day I came across two at once: Armani’s ‘You make me feel’ and, the worst yet, an advert for Windows, with the strap-line ‘And it’s all about me’.

Yuck and double yuck. And deeply creepy.

Whoever wrote this nauseating line, please go away, read Naomi Klein’s No Logo, and think about your life. Because you need a new one – this one isn’t working.

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