Human intelligence and the Birth of Reason 1

One of my many unpublished manuscripts is a book-length treatment of the origins, evolution and individual development of intelligence, entitled The Birth of Reason. It treats the concept of ‘intelligence’ in the same way a biologist might treat ‘life’ – i.e., as a general term for everything human beings and other natural intelligences are and do, rather than (by analogy with for example, ‘the organism’) a narrowly cognitive process. That is, it is designed to explain the full span of intelligent activity, including not only the usual cognitive powers associated with that term but also the possibility of history, consciousness, global social and economic systems and so on. It includes a comprehensive account of the relationship between human and other natural forms of intelligence, such as primates. I have never tried to have this book published. I don’t really know why not – it is complete, the few people who have read it have spoken very well of it, and there are no other treatments of intelligence in this extremely broad sense of which I am aware. If you would like to know more about it, I have created a new website from which the full text can be accessed.

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  1. Reply Andre Hopper Mar 19,2010 4:24 pm

    And about time too! As one of the readers of this book, I can only say it should be up there with all the other ‘greats’ of pioneering science. Shame it’s not been formally published (printed), because I’d like to reference it in my own writings.

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