Fossil Fools Day protests

In case you’re inclined to join in, here is a summary (kindly provided by the security people in a neighbouring City institution) of the protests planned for the end of the month.

G20 Meltdown – April 1st and 2nd
Anarchists and anti-capitalists intend to hold a 24 hr ‘Reclaim the Streets’ style event in the City, starting at 12:00 hrs at the Bank of England, Bank Junction. Intelligence also suggests climate related protests) and actions (this is also ‘Fossil Fools Day) at RBS, 250 Bishopsgate and the European Carbon Exchange and Carbon Exchange Plc at 62 Bishopsgate. Attendance can be expected to be between 1,000-2,000, although this cannot be confirmed.

At 11:00 hrs, several gatherings will take place at the tube / train stations of Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Cannon Street and Moorgate. Each group will then snake their way to the Bank of England at 12:00 hrs, headed by the four horsemen of the apocalypse.


  • Climate Chaos – Green Horse – Liverpool Street Station
  • Anti-war – Red Horse – Moorgate Station
  • Job / savings / pensions losses – Silver Horse – London Bridge Station
  • Home repossessions – Black Horse – Cannon Street Station

Intelligence suggests that:

  • The Liverpool Street convergence will be in the form of a FlashMob to raise public awareness, stretch police resources and avoid police ‘corralling’ action.
  • Some anarchists may attempt an incursion into the Bank of England, using force if necessary.
  • An overnight vigil in the City with attendees bringing tents to sleep in.
  • Early morning attendance at the LSE on 2nd April (07:00 hrs) with a view to disrupt trading.

Other autonomous actions against banks, financial institutions and those linked to the climate industry, in particular those that have recently benefited from the government bailout and mergers (Lloyds, RBS etc).

Historically, this type of action usually takes the form of a party-type atmosphere with sound systems playing. This sometimes turns confrontational and can result in a mass rush towards the entrances of locations that they are seeking to occupy or a break out of police lines. Anarchists in the past have committed acts of criminal damage by causing graffiti or smashing windows and, therefore, encouraging looting. This should be considered due to the proximity of the Royal Exchange. Popular targets are those with a particularly capitalist image, e.g. McDonalds, Starbucks, banks, or those with Israeli links due to the recent events in Gaza.

As many will remember, the G18 actions of 10 years ago resulted in mass disorder and conflict with police. Actions included climbs, banner drops, barricades, storming of several buildings and the setting alight the Mercedes garage. Although there is no intelligence to suggest a repeat of these events, the planned days of action do bear some resemblance to those of G18.

Other related events:

  • 28th March : The TUC will be holding a march & rally from Embankment to Hyde Park from 11:00- 17:00 hours. It is anticipated that up to 30,000 people will attend this event.
  • 2nd April : G20 Conference, ExCEL Centre – It is possible that activists will attempt some kind of blockade or incursion at the event. There will be a robust policing plan in place.
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