A message from planet Czech Republic

A few words from a well informed observer of the environmental scene:

We can … count on the fact that the Czech government will hopefully not be the champion of global warming alarmism. The Czechs feel that freedom and prosperity are much more endangered than the climate. The uniqueness of current levels of global warming is not a proven phenomenon. The explanation of factors that are contributing to global warming is not very clear and persuasive. Moves to mitigate climate change by fighting carbon dioxide emissions are useless and, what is most important, human beings have proved themselves to be sufficiently adaptable to an incrementally changing climate.

Regrettably, the author is no less than Vaclav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic, writing in the Financial Times on January 6. Doubly worrying, as of January, the Czech Republic took on the rotating Presidency of the EU. Yet more worrying still, half the preparations for the December 2009 Copenhagen conference, when some real decisions have to be made, will be carried out under Czech auspices.

(NB, Klaus also claimed that ‘Radically changing regulation governing financial institutions in the midst of recession is counterproductive’. Just like treating the patient while they are ill, or stopping digging while you are in a hole, perhaps.)

Thank god we are in safe hands.

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