My name is Richard Robinson. Welcome to my personal site. If you’re interested in my business website, it’s here.

I write a lot, and this website is essentially a portal to those writings. They consist of:

  • My Accessible Shakespeare novelisations of Shakespeare’s major plays.
  • A highly opinionated blog, covering topics as diverse as the environment, economics, core scientific concepts, the origins of some of the curious expressions in the English language, and much else.
  • A couple of books and some papers on the origins and nature – very broadly conceived – of human intelligence. To given you some idea how broadly I mean, they include:
    • a book on the large-scale structure of history and the development of cognition over the last few millennia
    • another on the evolutionary and individual origins and significance of intelligence
    • assorted papers about the underlying processes and logic.

And that’s a pretty superficial summary. For example, the book on history includes an extensive discussion of happiness, models of the development of everything from how children solve jigsaw puzzles to the rise of nations, and a critique of Zen.

  • A few other odds and ends on politics, bureaucracy (about which I was once interviewed by the BBC, oddly enough), and so on.
  • A rapidly evolving novel on the exciting theme of work. No, really.
  • An equally rapidly swelling website and quite an extensive blog about my business, which is management consultancy.  Mostly technical stuff, with occasional more serious flourishes. Well, someone has to do it.

You can find out more about any of these by clicking on the menu links at top right. I’ve also written a couple of (very short) children’s books (for which I need an illustrator) and have started an autobiography of sorts, entitled Walking to Nirvana, but they can wait.

If you would like to know more, click on any of the links on this (or any other) page. If you find what you read interesting, please contact me. I would be very interested to hear from you.

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