The lovely Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson, reports today’s Guardian, blames the Haiti earthquake on the people of Haiti themselves for making a pact with the devil to gain independence from France in 1804. You can see him saying so on Youtube.

From this we can infer that:

  1. Both Pat Robertson and God are opposed to countries freeing themselves from tyranny. Apparently it takes a pact with the devil to get you free. So who did the American Revolutionaries do a deal with, Pat? And does that mean that you (and God) believe that we Brits should have our American colonies back? Or perhaps that we Brits should hand ourselves (and the USA) back to the Romans? Or …? (Opened a bit of a can of worms here, Pat.)
  2. Mr Robertson’s God is a bit slow on the uptake. The Haitians sign a pact with the devil in 1804 and God punishes them in 2010? Oh all right, they’ve been ahveing two centuries of hard time, but that only makes the matter worse – not content with punishing the first Haitian revolutionaries, he punishes their children adn their children’s children. I assume that Pat would welcome the imprisonment not only of criminals but also their children and their children’s children, for century after century. Why do so few Christians seem to have any grasp of morality and responsibility?
  3. President Obama would be wrong to close Guantanamo – this is exactly where vicious lunatics like Pat Robertson belong. But perhaps the base itself could be moved across the strait to Haiti itself, so that this Man of God can be more directly in touch with the suffering people of Haiti – and vice versa, perhaps with a sign around his neck explaining his interesting theological position.
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