Paging Ms Jolie! Humanitarian Award!

My daughter works for a charity in Madagascar called Azafady. They enable Malagasy people to improve their livelihoods, childbirth and childcare, education, sexual health, and a good deal else.  She alas,was just pipped at the post by Tony Blair for the Save the Children Fund Global Legacy Award. I’m sure it was a close-run thing. Well, I was until I read this, from The Guardian’s Lost in Showbiz blog.:

As my daughter said, Ho hum. But as Lost In Showbiz put it:

Before we go any further, Lost in Showbiz would like to stress that yes, Angelina does a huge and admirable amount for charity. But you know who else does a lot for charity? People who work for charities every day. People whose schedule is so taken up with working for charities that they wouldn’t even be able to take several months of the year off to make multimillion dollar movies. People who get shot at while working for charities. People who might be the face of a movement, were celebrities not always parachuted in to be that face. People who have worked 30 years for minimal pay for charities. People who end up being decapitated in Syria. In fact, the list of people who do a lot for charity is immense, but the quickest way for any of them to determine if they will ever get an award for their efforts is to ask themselves: am I famous for something else? Because if the answer to that is no, I’m afraid they’ll be going away empty-handed.

I do not for a moment imagine the excellent Angelina Jolie or any of her pals are insincere about their charity work, but perhaps if celebrities were genuinely conscientious about this, they would organise an awards ceremony in which they explicitly stood aside and rewarded the real heroes of humanitarian work.

Can we persuade the generally excellent Angelina to arrange this?

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