I give up – does anyone read this blog? 1

If so, just add a comment to this entry saying ‘Yes’. No details required (unless you’d like to volunteer them). I’d dearly like to know.

25/7/2010 – Well, in the 30 days since I posed this question, it turns out that there have been 174 views of this page. I guess you’re all too shy to speak up! But it would be nice to know – it’s quite dispiriting to write and not be read. Blogging is a bit like standing on a high cliff on a foggy night and shoutin ginto the darkness – does anyone hear anything?

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One comment on “I give up – does anyone read this blog?

  1. Reply Anonymous Jun 29,2010 10:14 am

    I do. And I’m “Mia Staithe” too. i.e.Andre.

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