How to reduce what you consume

  1. Do all those little things environmentalists talk about – especially the ones that involve doing less.
  2. Become a vegeterian. Or at least stop eating beef.
  3. Downsize your car. Now. Buy a bike. Always take public transport. Never never never fly again.
  4. Stop buying gadgets.
  5. Join a local Freecycle group.
  6. Make your employer more environmentally aware.
  7. Buy locally.
  8. Get involved with local ‘resilience‘ projects. In fact, start a local Transition Town initiative.
  9. Educate yourself about your impact on the environment.
  10. Have no more children. Every time someone with enough technology to read this has another child, it’s the equivalent of about 50 children in the Third World. No, that’s no exaggeration.
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