About Zen

First and foremost, I know almost nothing about Zen. Although I have read quite extensively (for an agnostic Westerner) about this topic, I am not at all sure that I have really grasped it. But it makes is a useful shorthand for the process I am going through. My interpretation is based heavily on the conclusions I have drawn from reading about Zen, but also about what I guess are equivalent processes in western scientific psychology.

Zen aims for enlightenment, By enlightenment I guess it to mean the attainment of a higher level of cognitive development than is conventional for individuals even in quite advanced societies. I am not sure that enlightenment is truly the final level – I have arguments in my head that suggest, rather vaguely and indirectly, that there are may two further stages. But the argument for a cognitive model of enlightenment in particular and for Zen in general seem sound enough.