A pitbull in lipstick

Very decent of the Republicans to describe their own would-be Veep as a ‘pitbull in lipstick’. Here in England, pitbulls are regarded as so dangerous that the mere possession of one is a criminal offence. If Mrs Pailn comes here, there is a real chance she will be put down – which could really put a dent in Anglo-American relations. And as far as most Britons are concerned, people who keeps pitbulls are inadequate saddos who really should get a life.

But Mrs Palin doesn’t need to go quite so far to find out how most of the world sees her:

It is illegal in Miami-Dade County to own any dog which substantially
conforms to a Pit Bull breed dog… Acquisition or keeping of a Pit Bull dog:
$500.00 fine and County Court action to force the removal of the animal from
Miami-Dade County. [Legal code, Section 5 Code 17]

Pitbulls are also under some form of legal control in at least 23 other locations in the USA, not to mention Denmark, Australia, parts of Canada, Singapore, New Zealand the Netherlands and (now this will impress them) France …

Hope no one shoots her – that would violate the fine American tradition of shooting only their presidents.

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